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Objective 3: CLIP Trials Update (Apr-May 2017)

The CLIP Trials have ended recruitment with more than 77,000 pregnancies enrolled across three CLIP Trial sites. Furthermore, extended surveillance activities in the CLIP Mozambique Trial have ended as of 31 May, 2017. The CLIP site teams are working hard to complete outcome adjudication, resolve data queries and prepare for preliminary analyses of the primary outcome. Preliminary results from the Trials will be presented to the CLIP Steering Committee in the Annual Meeting in early October 2017.

The preliminary analyses for the CLIP India Trial are underway.  Peter and Sumedha conducted a site visit to Belgaum, India in late March to discuss processes of delivery of the CLIP intervention in the CLIP India Trial, and review preliminary trial results with the CLIP India working group. The site visit included a meeting with the Registry Administrators, who are responsible for data collection in each cluster. This meeting allowed the data collectors to share their experiences and perception of the CLIP India Trial, as well as provided the UBC team an opportunity to thank the data collectors for their excellent efforts - the robust data quality as seen in the CLIP India Trial is a testament to the rigour of the data collection. We would like to thank the India team for a very productive site visit, and would also like to thank Richard Derman, CLIP Steering Committee member from Thomas Jefferson University, for attending this site visit and for his advisory role in the CLIP India Trial.

A site visit to Mozambique will take place to review outcome adjudication and conduct data management. Alison, Larry, Marianne and Peter will be conducting the site visit in mid-June 2017. 

Sub-studies in CLIP including geo-spatial analyses, economic evaluation and health worker evaluation are underway in the planning or analysis stage. To evaluate the health system impact of the PIERS on the Move tool from the health workers perspective, an ancillary study is being led by Beth Payne along with the CLIP country teams. Economic evaluation of the CLIP Trial is being conducted by Asif Raza in all three countries. We are happy to share that in India and Pakistan, the data collection for economic evaluation has been completed.IMG_20170328_180952.jpg

Photo: Peter von Dadelszen (right) congratulates the data collectors in the CLIP India Trial during the April site visit.