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Objective 1: CAP Study Update (Jun-Jul 2017)


The CAP Study

Women with a history of pre-eclampsia in their most recent pregnancy who agree to participate, receive calcium 500mg daily or placebo from enrolment until they become pregnant, and up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.  All women receive calcium 1500mg daily after 20 weeks as per WHO recommendations. The primary outcome is pre-eclampsia. 


CAP study progress

The last 2 months we have focused on following the last few pregnant women, tracing those lost to follow up (particularly those who have given birth at other institutions), resolving data queries and adjudicating ambivalent outcomes. During August and September we will close the study, lock the database and complete the data analysis. 

Call for secondary analysis ideas

We will have a unique database of women with previous pre-eclampsia followed from before pregnancy and through the subsequent pregnancy, and encourage all our team and those from the wider PRE-EMPT community to come forward with proposals for secondary analyses of the data or further research using the archived biological samples.

Final data analysis plan

 This has been circulated to our team for approval


Archiving of biomarker study biological samples

We have been putting in place the regulatory requirements and contracts forlong-term archiving of the samples at the University of Stellenbosch biobank in South Africa.  


Submitted Manuscript:

We are awaiting the outcome of our submission of the manuscript for a methodological paper: Participant recruitment and retention in longitudinal preconception randomized trials: lessons learnt from the calcium and pre-eclampsia (CAP) trial.