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30 Sep, 2016 Saving Lives at Birth (SL@B) 6th Annual DevelopmentXChange in Washington, D.C.
From 26-28 July 2016, Saving Lives at Birth (SL@B) held its 6th annual DevelopmentXChange at the Ronald Reagan Building, Washington D.C. The event brings the brightest minds across the globe together to identify and scale up transformative prevention and treatment approaches for pregnant women and newborns. The DevelopmentXChange is an opportunity for innovators to showcase... Read More
30 Sep, 2016 Objective 2: Predictive Model for Postpartrum Haemorrhage and Sepsis Project (August - September 2016)
We are excited to announce our new Predictive Model for Postpartrum Haemorrhage and Sepsis project, which has been made possible through the funding from Saving Lives at Birth (Grand Challenges Canada). We have initiated a predictive modelling project focussed on hypotension. The principal investigators of the project are Peter von Dadelszen and Mark Ansermino, from St.... Read More
30 Sep, 2016 Objective 3: STRIDER Update (August - September 2016)
The Randomised Controlled Trial of Sildenafil Therapy In Dismal Prognosis Early-Onset Intrauterine Growth Restriction (STRIDER) randomised control trials have been designed to determine whether maternal treatment with oral sildenafil citrate improves perinatal outcomes in pregnancies complicated by severe early-onset intrauterine growth restriction, without increasing risks to... Read More
30 Sep, 2016 CLIP's Second Feasibility Supplement Published in BMC Reproductive Health
PRE-EMPT is excited to announce that we have published nine articles in BMC Reproductive Health in a special issue titled ‘Building community-level resilience for the care of women with pre-eclampsia’. This is our second supplement in BMC Reproductive Health that highlights findings from the feasibility research conducted for the Community-Level... Read More
29 Sep, 2016 CLIP Health Geographer Tatenda Makanga Successfully Defends his PhD
Congratulations to Prestige Tatenda Makanga for successfully defending his PhD thesis entitled "The place of geographic information and analysis in global health: A case of maternal health in regions of southern Mozambique" from the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University (SFU) on 26 August 2016. Tatenda is the health geographer for the Community-Level Interventions... Read More
29 Sep, 2016 Ending Eclampsia's First Webinar on Undernutrition and Hypertension
Ending Eclampsia seeks to expand access to proven, underutilised interventions and commodities for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and to strengthen global partnerships. On 15 September 2016, the organization held its first webinar entitled "How Undernutrition and Hypertension Impact Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia and Pre-... Read More
29 Sep, 2016 Global Pregnancy Collaboration (CoLab): Updates (August- September 2016)
Photo: Attendees of the CoLab meeting at Oriel College, University of Oxford, UK, 29 – 31 August 2016 Our most exciting news centres around our recent annual membership meeting that took place at Oriel College, University of Oxford, UK, 29 – 31 August 2016. We had the attendance of 42 participants, including 28 CoLab Steering Committee members, 8 invited... Read More
29 Sep, 2016 The Preeclampsia Foundation is hosting its first Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome Patient Advocates Summit
The Preeclampsia Foundation is hosting its first-ever Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome Patient Advocates Summit. The Summit is taking place 13 - 15 October 2016, at the Buena Vista Palace Resort in Orlando, Florida. Registration is full for the Summit, and will be attended by women who have experienced hypertension in pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, or HELLP... Read More
29 Sep, 2016 Objective 3: CLIP Trial Updates (August - September 2016)
CLIP Trials The CLIP Trials are moving forward with great momentum, with a total of 67,327 pregnancies recruited (as of 14 August 2016). Increasingly, the CLIP Trials are focussing their surveillance efforts towards ensuring follow-up for women who have been recruited into the trials. The CLIP Steering Committee met via teleconference on 14 September and discussed the... Read More
29 Sep, 2016 Objective 3: GHP Trial Updates (August - September 2016)
The GHP Oral Antihypertensive Trial aims to compare the efficacy of oral labetalol, oral nifedipine, and oral methyldopa for the management of severe hypertension in pregnant women. The study is enrolling at two sites in Nagpur, India: Government Medical College (GMC) and Daga Women’s Hospital. As of August 31, we have enrolled 491 women. The Data Safety and Monitoring... Read More