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Laura and Peter announce move to King's College London

Laura and Peter are delighted to inform you that they have been recruited by, and accepted positions at, King’s College London.  In making this strategic move they will be strengthening an already exceptional maternal and perinatal health team that includes basic and translational science, obstetric, midwifery, mental health, clinical trials, qualitative and implementation science, intrapartum, and nutrition research.  The presence of the Centre for Implementation Science and the global mental health team are areas of strength that have added to the immediate appeal of joining one of the other main pre-eclampsia research groups in the UK.
In addition, by moving to King’s, Laura and Peter will be joining the group with which we (PRE-EMPT) have most frequently collaborated in the UK for about a decade, and one with core funding for global health research from the UK National Institutes for Health Research. 
Laura and Peter have been very impressed by the research management infrastructure at King’s as they have finalised the details of the PRECISE project in the Gambia/Senegal, Kenya and Mozambique, as well as Laura’s MRC Newton Fund/DBT (India) clinical trial application that is currently shortlisted.  The PRECISE grant will be held by King’s (the majority of the UK-based PRECISE scientists were already there).
Laura has been appointed as Professor of Women’s Health, and Peter will be Professor of Global Women’s Health.  We will update you with their start date (probably 1 September) and email addresses, when confirmed. 

Thank you, as always, for both your personal support and your dedication to our collective work.