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Treatment > integrated System for Trial Allocation and Randomisation (iSTAR)

  integrated System for Trial Allocation and Randomisation (iSTAR) is a mobile-friendly web-based platform, developed by UBC PRE-EMPT, used to streamline the processes of double-blind randomised controlled trials (RCT). iSTAR is designed to be flexible so that it can be customised as per specification. For more information, please contact the UBC STRIDER Coordinating Centre.

iSTAR offers the following features:

Screening & Randomisation
  • Customised screening questions
  • Randomisation (random blocks and stratification)
  • Participant Discontinuation - Stopping drug dispensing for participant
Drug Dispensing
  • Multiple dispensing
  • Information about bottles inventory per site
  • Bottle/kit/lot number customisation
Bottle Management
  • Setting bottle expiry date
  • Inactivating bottles due to damage or loss, etc.
  • Transferring bottles between sites
Bottle Shipment
  • Creating, editing, and voiding shipment orders
  • Shipment order summary report
Reporting Tool
  • Screening, Randomisation, and Drug Dispensing reports
  • Record filtering and sorting
  • Report exporting in Excel
For Offline Procedures
  • Manual entry of offline randomisation
  • Contingency bottles dispensing
Email Notification
  • Confirmation of randomisation and drug dispensing
  • Notification of low inventory of study drug
Input Validation
  • Real time validation
  • Build-in algorithms for data validation
  • Build-in algorithms for check of invalid data
User Access
  • User groups assignment
  • Separation of roles
  • Access authentication and authorization
  • Email notification list
  • Settings for randomisation/dispensing
  • Settings for clinical trial/study
Error Handling
  • Log of errors
  • Log of security threats
  • Log of locations and timestamps

Mobile View - Eligibility Evaluation


Mobile View - Drug Dispensing


Randomisation Summary

2016-11-07 09_44_27-iSTAR STRIDER - RandomisationReport.jpg

Shipment Order